How to ethically recycle unwanted tech and presents online

Give your old tech to charities such as Computer Aid and do some good while ethically recycling your kit

One of the eternal problems with Christmas is the problem of what to do with all of those unwanted Christmas presents from various aunties, uncles and distant relatives.

No more. Now you can quickly and easily and ethically recycle all of your unwanted gifts with a few clicks of the mouse button, while none of your gift-givers are looking (ideally!).

Games, tech, jumpers

If you have a bunch of Blu-rays, games, DVDs or CDs that you don't want, you can sign up to PlayTrade, to convert all of those unwanted discs into cash.

If you are lucky enough to have been given a new computer or laptop this Christmas, and you are feeling particularly generous, then you can head over to Computer Aid's site to find out more about how to ethically recycle old computing equipment in a way that will directly benefit school-kids in developing countries.

Finally, if you just wish to get shot of that awful jumper that your nan bought you (again) then you can head over to register with JumbleAID to give it to somebody who will at least appreciate it a little more than you and give some cash to a charity of your choice at the same time.

So instead of feeling like a guilty and worthless ingrate, you can bask in the knowledge that you have recycled all those pressies in a way that has brought some happiness to someone perhaps a little more in need of them that you.