ARM hopes to 'conquer the mobile PC market'

ARM hopes to conquer the mobile PC market over the next four years
ARM already does great business in the mobile and tablet markets, and hopes to conquer the mobile PC market over the next four years

Mobile chip specialists ARM hope to make significant moves into the mobile PC market over the next five years, with the company's president hoping for 50 per cent of the market by 2015.

Cambridge-based ARM is already rumoured to be looking to get its tech used in the next iteration of Apple's MacBook Air. Something that we expect to hear more about later this summer, when Apple is anticipated to announce a new refresh of its ultra-slim laptop range.

ARM's president, Tudor Brown, told a gathering of reporters and industry execs at Computex this week that he hopes ARM will soon conquer the mobile PC market, looking to grow what is currently around a 10 per cent share to 50 per cent by 2015, by getting its mobile chips in more and more netbooks and ultraportable PCs.

Takes Intel threat "very seriously"

While Intel looks to make its own moves into the mobile market, ARM has also declared that it will take any plans that Intel may announce to make chips for its customers "very seriously" according to one senior ARM exec.

"It's important that Intel makes a change in their business model. Intel has never done this before, so we have to take it very seriously," ARM's marketing executive VP Ian Drew told Reuters this week.

ARM president Tudor Brown added: "Traditional PC chips only accounted for 6 percent of our whole PC chip shipments of 6 billion units last year."

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