Was Apple really 'enraged' by Dr. Dre's Beats billionaire brag?

Was Apple really 'outraged' by Dr. Dre's Beats billionaire brag?
Apple not marching to Dre's Beats quite yet

Apple was far from impressed with Beats headphones co-owner Dr. Dre's F-bomb laden brag over the proposed multi-billion dollar acquisition, according to reports this weekend.

Billboard says Tim Cook and co. didn't take to kindly to Dre - real name Andre Young - bragging about becoming "hip-hop's first billionaire" in a video, before talks between the two firms had concluded.

The music industry publication says the video, published to Facebook by actor/model/Dre pal Tyrese Gibson, could be one of a number of reasons why the acquisition it yet to be officially confirmed.

Billboard sources said "the Apple family near imploded with outrage," when the video went up and speculated that the fallout may be holding up the deal.

What to do with Jimmy and Dre

Some of the more plausible suggestions claim talks are ongoing over the roles of Dre and fellow Beats owner Jimmy Iovine will be once the company comes under Apple's control.

Billboard also points out this will be Apple's and thus Tim Cook's largest ever acquisition - should the deal go through - and is understandably taking its time.

The report also brings word from sources that news of the deal leaked too early for Apple's liking, while there's also ongoing discussions over the value of the Beats Music streaming service.

Whatever the hold up, this deal is still expected to be rubber stamped shortly after the holiday weekend.

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