Greenpeace says Apple has 'significantly improved' clean energy policies

Greenpeace says Apple has 'significantly improved' clean energy policies
Long way to make iCloud clean, says Greenpeace

Apple has earned a little rest-bite from environmental lobbyists after Greenpeace praised the company for improving its clean energy efforts.

In a new report entitled "A Clean Energy Road Map for Apple," the group says Apple has been re-scored following a significant improvement in its commitment to clean energy for its data centres.

However, Greenpeace remains critical that the company has no clear path to ending its reliance on coal to power its cloud-storage solution, iCloud.

On its blog, the campaigner says: "Despite a welcome commitment by Apple in May that its data centres will be coal-free and powered by 100% renewable energy, the analysis reveals that Apple still lacks a plan that outlines a realistic path to eliminate its reliance on coal to power its iCloud."

The report is a result of a drive to 'clean up the cloud,' which calls on Apple, Microsoft and Amazon to move away from coal power for cloud services.

Veiled endorsement

The veiled endorsement comes following a week in which Apple has endured heavy criticism for backing out of a US government backed certification scheme for recyclable, green technology.

Apple told the EPEAT organisation that its design direction was no longer consistent with its requirements and asked for certification to be withdrawn from 39 approved models.

UPDATE: As we were writing this Apple has requested that its already-approved products be re-certified claiming that it made a mistake.

Via: AppleInsider

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