Bloomberg publishes Steve Jobs' obituary

Steve Jobs is not dead, yet
Steve Jobs is not dead, yet

An obituary of the non-dead Apple founder Steve Jobs has been published by the well-renowned Bloomberg business news wire.

The accidental publishing slip of the stock obituary, marked "Hold for release – Do not use", was sent to thousands of Bloomberg's corporate clients. Heads are no doubt rolling over at Bloomberg towers today.

Jobs successfully recovered from a nasty bout of pancreatic cancer back in 2003 and there has been much speculation as to the state of his health over the past few months, following recent public appearances where the Apple genius has looked particularly thin and gaunt.

Published in full online

The obituary was immediately withdrawn by Bloomberg, but not quick enough it seems – as it has been published in full over on Gawker.

Not-dead Jobs is described in the 2,500-word obit. as the man who "helped make personal computers as easy to use as telephones, changed the way animated films are made, persuaded consumers to tune into digital music and refashioned the mobile phone."

Cause of death? "To be inserted."

Adam Hartley