Apple asks developers for first iPad apps

iPad game and app developers are now submitting their wares to Apple
iPad game and app developers are now submitting their wares to Apple

Apple has begun to accept submissions for iPad apps to be released at launch in the US on 3 April.

iPad devs are now submitting their wares to Apple for approval to ensure that their new iPad applications are ready for consumers to snap up on day of launch.

We expect a much higher quality of app for the iPad, with Apple's recent culling of nonsensical 'cookie cutter' apps pointing the way for its future strategy.

Deadline for iPad app developers is Saturday 27th of March.

Bonkers security requirements

Rather weirdly, BusinessWeek reports, that those few lucky developers who actually have the iPad device in their possession (as opposed to developing on emulator software like most) have had to sign a series of agreements that require some very harsh security arrangements to allow them to keep hold of the iPad before launch.

Devs are forced to promise to keep the iPad isolated in a room with blacked-out windows, and the iPad must remain tethered to a fixed object.

Apple will not send them an iPad until the potential partners send photographic evidence that they will comply with these requirements.

"This is pretty standard Apple over-protected-ness," said one leading iPad developer TechRadar spoke to today, who asked not to be named in case Steve Jobs sent his iNinjas round in the dead of the night.

One word. Bonkers!

Via The Guardian

Adam Hartley