12 new Tegra HD devices outed at Computex

Nvidia showcased its impressive Tegra chip at Computex
Nvidia showcased its impressive Tegra chip at Computex

Nvidia has been super-busy at Computex this year, showing off 12 new mobile internet devices (MID) that make full use of the world's smallest low-power Tegra 650 processor.

"The mobile computing revolution has arrived," explained Michael Rayfield, General Manager of Mobile Business at Nvidia before revealing the 12 devices, which included netbooks and tablets utilising the chip's always-on capabilities.

Essentially, the new products will have up to five times the battery life of current netbooks, 1080p playback and boast desktop-class internet browsing with Flash video and animation acceleration.

25 days of music on one charge

The impressive specs list keeps on coming, with Nvidia believing that with a single charge its new products will allow you to listen to music for 25 days straight on one charge; or watch 1080p video for up to 10 hours; or play videogames at 46 frames per second.

The products on show have been made by a number of companies and include the following:

  • Compal Communications, Inc. CN88 (netbook)
  • ICD Ultra (tablet)
  • Inventec Applications Corp. Rainbow (netbook)
  • Mobinnova Mabo (tablet)
  • Mobinnova ViewBook N910 (netbook)
  • Pegatron Vivid (netbook)
  • Wistron M5 (netbook)

There's no news when these products will actually be released in the wild, but it's nice to see the likes of Full HD playback get a look-in when it comes to the next-generation of MIDs.

Marc Chacksfield

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