WIN! GT 220 graphics card plus RAM and USB memory

GeForce GT 220 Silent Edition
The GeForce GT 220 Silent Edition

This week we've teamed up with PNY to give away two multimedia kits consisting of a GT 220 Silent Edition graphics card, a 16GB Attaché Original USB key and a 4GB RAM kit DDR 2- 800Mhz (2 modules of 2GB each) with cooling kit.

The GT 220 Silent Edition is equipped with an innovative noiseless cooling system, making it ideal for your living room PC.

The card enables you and all the family to watch movies, browse photos and enjoy the latest videogames in stunning, stutter-free high definition, without ruining the atmosphere and distracting you from the action on-screen with an annoying background hum.

Attache usb drive

With a choice of capacities ranging from 2GB up to 32GB, the Attaché Original is top-of-the-range. It has everything that can be expected from a USB key – not only is it reliable with good performance (USB 2.0 specification) and high speed – the unique capless design offers total protection, as well as a stylish and unique exterior design.

The USB key measures 54mm and can attach to a lanyard (handy for key rings) and its translucent colour coding system helps users to easily recognise the capacity they require.

DDR2 ram

DDR2 is the second generation of Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory. It is an evolution of DDR memory technology that delivers higher speed, lower power consumption and heat dissipation. DDR2 is used when upgrading a computer so that it operates faster, especially when running multiple applications or using power hungry ones.

This competition is now closed. The winners are Neil Robinson and Tony Goodhall.


Please note that this competition is only open to UK residents over 18 years of age.

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