Nvidia decides that you can be trusted to overclock after all


Nvidia has gone back on its decision to prevent owners of GTX 900M GPU-series notebooks from being able to overclock their gaming machines.

The GPU giant removed the ability to underclock or overclock notebooks in the release of GeForce R347 (version 347.29), telling owners that they could "risk serious damage" by cranking up the power and even brick their systems.

Nvidia said that overclocking was only possible in the first place due to a bug that had crept into a previous driver, which didn't go down well with forum users.

But in a post on the company's forum, an Nvidia customer care representative has confirmed that next month's GeForce driver will reintroduce overclocking for the affected notebooks.

Clocking on

It said: "As you know, we are constantly tuning and optimizing the performance of your GeForce PC. We obsess over every possible optimization so that you can enjoy a perfectly stable machine that balances game, thermal, power, and acoustic performance. Still, many of you enjoy pushing the system even further with overclocking.

"Our recent driver update disabled overclocking on some GTX notebooks. We heard from many of you that you would like this feature enabled again. So, we will again be enabling overclocking in our upcoming driver release next month for those affected notebooks."

Can't wait until then? The representative added that rolling back to version 344.75 will immediately return overclocking should you want it.

Kane Fulton
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