Garmin launches sat nav with wireless camera for reversing

Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT
Hmmm, upgrades: The Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT includes a reversing camera

A reversing camera is one of those handy car features that you can only get factory fit. Or so we thought.

Garmin has revealed a new sat nav device with a reversing camera that's compatible with most cars, the Garmin 2798LMT.

The sat nav part of the 2798LMT looks like standard Garmin fare, albeit on a fairly epic 7-inch scale. The usual Garmin niceties prevail, including lifetime traffic and maps, Active lane guidance and more.

The novelty arrives with the reversing camera. For power it wires into your car's reversing lights, so the camera switches on automatically when you select reverse, just like a factory-fit reversing camera.

Where it's not possible to wire into the reversing circuit, you can use an 12V supply and toggle the camera manually.

Either way, the image data is sent wirelessly. The camera itself is ruggedised and weatherproofed, but there's no word on the wireless tech used or the resolution of the camera, not that the latter is hugely critical for this kind of usage.

The Garmin 2798LMT is yours for $399 which we guestimate will translate into roughly £350 in the olde worlde.


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