Picture: Honda's F-uzo flying car concept

The Honda 2068 F-uzo flying car concept - courtesy of designer John Mahieddine - is pretty much in line with the dream sci-fi inspired vertical-take-off-and-landing (VTOL) flying cars of our childhood dreams.

And yes – the key word here is 'concept' – because the Honda F-uzo is very much at the 'in the mind of a dreamer' stage in the design process!

F-uzo: Takes to the air?

Still, putting aside for one second that we might only ever see anything closely resembling this latest flying car concept in virtual 3D via our PlayStation 3s for the foreseeable, let's have a look at the 'spec'.

Flying cars trump electric ones

"The F-uzo is a futuristic fantasy with four high-powered turbines for high-speed horizontal flight and Iron-Man-like handling," reports Yanko Design.

The F-uzo can hit a max speed of 400 mph and the controls are joystick based – with the left stick allowing the car to spin on its axis and the right one managing tilt and direction. (Much like every other dream flying car concept we've had in our heads over the last thirty-two years, since we first saw Star Wars in 1977.)

There are the usual pedals controlling acceleration and braking at your feet, in addition to safety features such as a "fly-by-wire" system so cars don't collide mid-air. And loads of airbags inside and outside the vehicle (for when they, inevitably, do!).

Add in the retractable wheels and the fact that this beast is made of ultra-light and ultra-strong carbon fibre, Kevlar, and carbon nano-tubes and you can see why we are already getting bored of the UK government's latest electric car fad.

We want flying cars, Mr Brown. Not boring plug in ones. Keep up!

Designer John Mahieddine via Yanko Design

Adam Hartley