A little transparency: Jaguar's 360° Urban Windshield removes blind spots

Jaguar 360° Urban Windshield
Hopefully it won't be like waving a red flag in front of a bull...

As we await the arrival of driverless cars, even the very best human automobile operators can be caught off guard.

Whether it's texting pedestrians who step out on the road without looking, or cyclists who ride as if they're wearing a suit of invisible armour, it's impossible to keep track of every single thing on the road at all times.

To combat this, Jaguar is developing a system that will help you keep track of your surroundings, minimising the danger of blind spots, and enabling you to see that helmet-free hipster on his fixie even if he's too cool to see you.

The 360° Urban Windshield features screens embedded in the pillars inside the car, which display a live video feed captured by cameras outside, giving you an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Safety first

Increasing safety further, pedestrians and cyclists that the car's sensors deem to be at risk are highlighted by the HUD.

The tech also aims to minimise the risk while changing lanes by activating a screen on the car's B-pillar when it senses you looking over your shoulder. This enables you to see through the pillar, giving you a clear view of any cars cruising in your blind spot.

As well as maximising safety, the system aims to help the navigationally challenged by projecting a ghost car onto the HUD for you to follow.

Check out Jaguar's concept video below to see what's in store. It's hard to imagine the system will be this slick in reality, but Jag may surprise us.

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