Protect your Wi-Fi signal with paint

Wipe out bandwidth stealers with some Wi Fi paint

Fed up with the neighbours nicking your bandwidth? Passwords just not working in the fight to protect your Wi-Fi? Then it might be time to bring in the big guns and paint your house with some Wi-Fi blocking paint.

Researchers in Japan have come up with the hi-tech paint solution, which reportedly shields your Wi-Fi signal from piggy-backers on the outside, creating a protective broadband cocoon in your home.

Cheap option

The Wi-Fi blocking paint is being seen as a cheap and viable option for businesses to protect their wireless networks.

According to the New Scientist, the paint works costs around £10 per kilogram.

The paint contains an aluminium-iron dioxide, which creates a magnetic field that blocks certain frequencies.

Currently the paint can block frequency waves of around 48GHz, but the researchers from the University of Tokyo are working on a new formula that will be able to block out electronic waves of up to 182GHz.

So, no matter how high the Wi-Fi frequency, the paint should be able to work its magic.