Black Mirror breaks silence on Twitter to tease Netflix series

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The world’s favourite dystopian anthology series looks set to return to Netflix at last, and Black Mirror is having fun teasing its much-anticipated comeback. The Twitter account of the critically acclaimed show sent out an ambiguous tweet on Tuesday. 

The explosive tweet, which said: “what have we missed?”, sparked a flurry of replies as excited fans considered what could be in store for the next season. Responding to the question, one fan highlighted the “general chaos of 2020”, sarcastically saying “but don’t worry, it’s not like anything major happened”. 

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The enigmatic tweet gathered more than 3.4 million views by the following morning on Wednesday, with the sci-fi show’s creator and the streaming service that hosts it even chiming in. 

Charlie Brooker, the creative mind behind the show, added to the Twitter thread, responding to the tweet with a single quizzical face emoji. The cryptic reply sparked further excitement on the thread, with Netflix adding its own mysterious response. 

The streaming service said: “Scientists are still creating robots that slowly harness more and more advanced AI like they haven't watched a single episode of your show.” The tongue-in-cheek warning from Netflix added fuel to fire to the excitement of fans. 

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The reason behind the Twitter fanfare makes sense when you consider that it has been four years since the account of the show had posted anything. Since it was confirmed that season six of Black Mirror is returning, there hasn’t been much news about what to expect. 

The tight-lipped approach to marketing the show has worked in its favor, as the reaction on social media has been wild despite the lack of information. Indeed, the tweet marked the biggest hint that season six could be returning soon. 

Not a lot has been confirmed about what the next season will look like or be about, but if we had to guess, we're expecting it to continue exploring the dark side of society's relationship with futuristic technology. The most up to date news about it was reported in August last year from Variety, the entertainment publication revealed that the following actors have been signed for the upcoming season:   Zazie Beetz, Paapa Essiedu, Josh Hartnett, Aaron Paul, Kate Mara, Danny Ramirez, Clara Rugaard, Auden Thornton and Anjana Vasan.

If you’re anything like us though and can’t wait for season six of Black Mirror to be released then you could try this anthology series or consider looking at our roundup of the best Netflix shows

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