Bigger iPhone X2 and iPhone 9 show up in video renders, offering possible first look

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The rumored iPhone X2 Plus and LCD-equipped iPhone 9 may offer you bigger and better options if you hold out on buying the seven-month-old iPhone X.

First look video of the two unconfirmed Apple's smartphones come to us from CAD schematics acquired by MySmartPrice (opens in new tab) and OnLeaks (opens in new tab)

Three things should be noted: these aren't official Apple product shots, anything can change between now and September, and there are very few surprises here.

The iPhone X2 Plus is said to have a 6.5-inch screen (or 'could be 6.3-inches' because, as the report notes, it's hard to account for the slight curve along the screen edges).

It's a Plus-sized iPhone that doesn't look all too different from the current 5.8-inch iPhone X. There's a notch at the top of the display and dual-lens camera on back.

A bigger iPhone X for smaller budgets

The iPhone X2 Plus could easily be the most expensive Apple phone yet, so its price and size won't be for everyone. That's why the so-called iPhone 9 is really intriguing.

It'll offer a 6.1-inch all-screen design (with a notch), according to previous reports and today's CAD drawings from MySmartPrice (opens in new tab). But it may have a cheaper-to-build LCD screen, not a premium OLED display. 

However, today's CAD-filled report cites OLED for all three new iPhones. That may be harder for Apple to pull off by in 2018, as OLED supplies are limited.

The LCD-equipped iPhone 9, as we're calling it, also looks a lot like the iPhone X. The back, however, has a single-lens camera, instead of a dual-lens camera.

How many phones will Apple launch?

New iPhone rumors are all over the place. There could be as many as four iPhones announced between Monday and mid-September – just three and a half months.

Apple could finally launch the iPhone SE 2 at its WWDC 2018 keynote on Monday. It has been over two years since Apple launched the original iPhone SE phone.

We foresee three possibilities for the SE 2: it could get a basic specs upgrade, transform into an one-hand-friendly all-screen phone, or not show up at all.

There's even a report out there from the Korean Herald (opens in new tab) that says the next-gen iPhone will feature a triple-lens camera like the Huawei P20 Pro. That's a feature that's previously been tipped for 2019 iPhones.

The iPhone X2 Plus, a 5.8-inch iPhone X2, and the LCD iPhone 9 are thought to be launching later this year, likely to be the usual September timeframe.

Matt Swider