BGMI releases stricter rules to combat hackers

BGMI Fair Gameplay
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BGMI like PUBG Mobile has been struggling to get a handle on the cheaters in the game soon after launch. And in its first-round the developers at Krafton had banned over 336,736 accounts.

And now in a new post (opens in new tab) the developers have confirmed that it has deployed stricter rules to keep the gameplay fair. It has also confirmed that it has banned over 136,955 accounts (opens in new tab) from September 17 - 23.

BGMI stricter rules against cheaters

With gamers and popular streamers complaining about the rampant cheaters and hackers in the game Krafton issued a new statement reiterating that it is doing all it can to keep this matter in check. It put out a statement that reads:

"Measures against illegal programs cheats, and cheaters remain our top priority. We have noted countless reports of cheaters using illegal programs to gain an advantage. A cheater is a cheater, and we understand your frustration when you come across one. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you the steps we have taken, and more importantly, the steps we will be taking to make BGMI a fair gaming environment. We work daily on logic enforcement and updates to illegal programs, blocking ad channels, and monitoring real-time, and have permanently sanctioned more than 1.52 million accounts till date and are working on modernizing our systems."

These are some of the new steps that the company is taking to keep this problem in check. 

Krafton is set to do a more detailed revalidation of game data for top ranked users with detailed scrutiny of the top rankings of the leaderboards. If players found using cheats, they will be banned. If they are promoting cheats or cheat assisted rank push, they will be banned. If they have cheated in the past and are not currently cheating right now, they will be handed to a permanent ban.

Krafton plans to prevent advertising of cheaters and cheat programs and those found advertising the sale of illegal programs and cheats through in-game profile images, or distribute illegal program usage videos, promotional videos/images on other websites, it will take strong measures such as permanent suspension of use in the game and closing of channels.

It is also planning to strengthen the security system and will continue to improve ban logic through closer analysis of users who use illegal programs.

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