Sony unveils new look wireless Walkman A-Series

Sony Walkman A-series - definitely isn't a phone
Sony Walkman A-series - definitely isn't a phone

Sony hasn't been resting on its Walkman laurels, having been beavering away on a bunch of new MP3 players, including the Sony Walkman NWZ-A860 and NWZ-S760 which offer wireless Bluetooth streaming.

The NWZ-A860 (or, for ease, the A-Series) may look have a new smartphone-esque look with its 2.8-inch LCD touchscreen and boisterous home button, but it is just a humble MP3 player.

As well as offering high-class sound quality thanks to its S-Master MX digital amplifier, it comes with a video player and photo viewer on a "big, bright screen" and 16GB of storage space.

Dance the Bluetooth blues

Both the A-Series and the Walkman NWZ-S760 come with the Bluetooth streaming option, which means you can use wireless headphones, car audio units and Bluetooth-friendly docks for wireless music fun.

As well as the Bluetooth functionality, the NWZ-S760 (S-Series) boasts 50 hours of continuous music listening from one battery charge and "legendary sound" thanks to its Clear Audio tech.

The cheerfully bright Walkman NWZ-E560 (E-Series) "sounds as good as it looks", according to Sony, which obviously hopes that you'll appreciate its cheap and cheerful stylings, available in black, red, blue, green and pink.

You can pick it up in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions, with a 2-inch QVGA screen and FM tuner.


All the new Walkmans ship with SenseMe, software that categorises your music into different channels, karaoke mode and MediaGo for drag-and-drop music transfer.

Sadly there is no mention of connectivity or the A-word in Sony's release (that's apps, friends) so we're assuming that the new batch of MP3 players don't offer any additional software or web browsing.

The new range of Walkmen will be hitting the shops from the end of August 2011, with UK pricing to be announced.

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