Airplay-friendly Libratone Zipp speaker ditches Wi-Fi

Airplay-friendly Libratone Zipp speaker is cute but pricey
You can just use it at home, too

The Libratone Zipp may look like something you'd keep in a picnic hamper or cuddle on a cold winter's night, but don't be fooled; it's a cute and stylish 360-degree Airplay speaker in disguise.

It's a bit special, because the Zipp can connect directly to your iPhone or other iOS device using Libratone's bespoke Direct Play tech and AirPlay, rather than needing a separate Wi-Fi network (which is handy for when you're out and about). There's a Libratone app that makes the set up quick and easy too.

With a 60W amp and 2.1 digital stereo system, the diminutive speaker pumped out a decent sound at TechRadar's demo, thanks in no small part to the 4-inch bass drive and two 1-inch tweeters within.

Out and about

Battery-wise, Libratone reckons you'll get around 80 hours if you connect via aux lead, but only around 5 hours when using the wireless settings.

It's fairly hefty for a portable speaker-about-town - weighing in at 1.8kg (4lb) we're not sure how long that little hand strap will last.

That strap is made of leather, though, while the fuzzy zip-toting interchangeable cases are Italian cashmere which may give you a hint as to the price tag of the thing.

Because it's a bit cool, there are eight colour options to choose between – grey, red, black, pink, yellow, purple and two shades of blue.

But the Libratone Zipp certainly doesn't come cheap; a single-cover edition will set you back £330 while a speaker with multiple covers will be £370. Additional covers will sell for around £30 each.

If that doesn't put you off, or you've recently had a small lottery win, you'll be able to nab a Zipp in the first week of October.

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