They might look like patio heaters - but B&O's new speakers pack a serious punch


Luxury audio manufacturer Bang and Olufsen is no stranger to statement design. Its BeoPlay A9 looks more like a piece of scientific equipment than a speaker, and that's not to mention the smoke alarm chic being rocked by the BeoPlay A1.

The BeoSound 1, which the company has just announced at IFA 2016, is a premium portable wireless speaker which looks like a patio heater and is made to be controlled by your smartphone.

The reason for the cylindrical design is the 360 degrees of sound it offers, which means that wherever you sit around the speaker you should still be able to enjoy your music in all its glory.

Not just a pretty face

But this speaker isn't just a pretty face. It's equipped with Google Cast, Bluetooth (although there's no mention of AptX), AirPlay, and DLNA technologies, and can be paired with other B&O products in a multi-room setup.

The BeoSound 1 is the smaller of the two speakers and has a battery which lasts up to 16 hours, meanwhile its larger brother the BeoSound 2 runs off mains power and contains an extra three power amplifiers.

Interested? Then you're going to need deep pockets since the speakers cost $1,495 (£995 / AU$1,895) and $1,895 (£1,350 / AU$2,495) for the BeoSound 1 and 2 respectively. Both are available now.

Jon Porter

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