Little brother for Marantz's flagship SA-7S1

The SA-11S2 will be able to read SACD discs as well as regular CDs

Marantz has added a new audiophile-grade CD player to its line that combines the award-winning technology and build-quality of its flagship SA-7S1 model with a range of new features and components. Launched as the SA-11S2, the new player will be able to read SACD discs as well as regular CDs, and will cost half as much as its class-leading big brother.

In keeping with the SA-7S1, the SA-11S2 gets the same pair of powerful mono DACs - each comprising four separate processors - for both DSD and 24-bit PCM audio playback. These sit on a fully balanced dual-differential audio circuit that provides superb stereo image by ensuring symmetry between the right and left channels.

Sonic performance

To maximise sonic performance, further circuit topology is purposely kept short and direct. Marantz also employs its own proprietary High Definition Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) at I/V and low pass filter sections ­- as opposed to using 'off-the-shelf' op-amps like many other manufacturers do.

Other notable features on the SA-11S2 include the SACDM-1 mechanism module with its 10mm-thick aluminium case, die-cast tray and non-reflective coating for a faultless digital feed to the filters and D/A converters. The SA-11S2 also sports the same high-capacity Super Ring toroidal transformer as its big brother, and a high-precision clock and linear-voltage regulator, to prevent jitter.

All of this techno-excellence is housed in a sturdy metal chassis with a 5mm aluminium cover, no visible screws and shock-absorbing feet. The case is even copper-plated to keep electrical interference at bay. If you've got the money, it really is a fine piece of kit.

The SA-11S2 is available now for £2,500.

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