Does Amazon stand a chance against Spotify? We could find out this Autumn

Amazon might be offering Echo owners a discount into its new music service

It appears Amazon is stepping up its music service to match against the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

The online retailer/device maker/service provider has been working with the music industry to figure out licensing for a new music program that improves and expands upon Amazon's current music offering, Prime Music, according to the New York Post.

Prime Music currently comes packaged with Amazon Prime, a premium subscription that also includes two-day shipping, special savings on select items, and access to Amazon Instant Video.

While Prime Music is part of the $99 (£79, about AU$139) per year membership program, Amazon's in-development music service is expected to debut this fall with a standalone monthly fee of $9.99 (about £6.95, AU$14.11).

That said, the company is also considering offering a discount for Amazon Echo owners. The AI-augmented speaker, which stars in Amazon's first-ever Super Bowl ad, is already compatible with Prime Music, implying an easy transition (or promotion) to an improved service.

While details are slim, it likely won't be long before we learn what Amazon has in store for its mysterious new music service, as well as what's to become of Prime Music.

Parker Wilhelm
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