Apple's Beats Studio Buds show up in another social media post

Powerbeats Pro
The current Powerbeats Pro. (Image credit: Future)

We're still waiting for the grand unveiling of the Beats Studio Buds from Apple, but that hasn't stopped the incoming wireless earbuds from showing up in various places – which makes us think that a launch is just around the corner.

The latest sighting comes from an Instagram post by soccer star Alex Morgan, who appears to be wearing a white pair of the earphones as she arrives in Texas to join up with the US national team as part of preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.

Considering Morgan's daughter seems to be clutching the wireless charging case for the Beats Studio Buds, this definitely has a staged feel about it – so we're assuming this is part of a deliberate ploy to drum up interest ahead of an official launch.

This isn't the first time we've been given a sneak preview of these wireless earbuds either: US basketball star and Beats endorser LeBron James posted his own Instagram photo revealing the hardware as well, so this is starting to be a running theme.

Just a few days ago we got a more conventional leak when the Beats Studio Buds visited the National Communications Commission (NCC) regulation body in Taiwan. That leak suggested the earbuds would come with optional silicone ear tips, and use a USB-C cable for charging the case.

The upcoming earphones are expected to be the successors to the Powerbeats Pro, only with a smaller form factor. Noise cancellation will apparently be available, as well as the fast pairing and the "hey Siri" support we've seen on the Apple AirPods.

We've even seen images of the wireless earbuds showing up in tvOS and iOS code – in red, black and white colors – so at this stage there's not a lot left for Apple to reveal. A June launch has previously been tipped, and all the signs are that a launch is coming soon.

We'll have to wait and see how Apple positions the Beats Studio Buds (if that is their name) alongside the premium AirPods Pro, but such has been the success of Apple's range of wireless earbuds so far, it looks as though there's room for another product.

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