Apple TV finally looks set to get Amazon Video player

With every self-respecting streaming device offering a comprehensive set of video services that includes the Amazon Video player, the Apple TV set top box has looked quite lacking by virtue of the app's omission.

That may be about to change however – ReCode reports that Apple is now readying the Amazon Video app for launch on its platform this summer.

If true, it'll be the thawing of a tumultuously icy relationship between the two companies.

Head to head

The rival companies have been at loggerheads as to how Amazon's videos get distributed on Apple's devices for some time. Currently, Amazon Video users must use Apple's AirPlay function to play back videos on the big screen, rather than have access to a native app player.

In addition, Apple refuses to let Amazon sell its services through an iOS app without taking a share for itself, meaning users must establish accounts in a browser before using Amazon's services – rather than having the means to enter payment details in the app itself. As either a defense measure, a means of pushing its own Amazon Fire players or simple retribution, Amazon stopped selling Apple TV devices.

But with a 4K Apple TV box said to be in the works, the Cupertino company will need both Amazon's retail clout and easy access to its 4K content to make it a success. We'll keep you posted if and when the news goes official.

Gerald Lynch

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