Apple could be prepping a 5-inch iPhone 7S with a vertical dual-lens camera

Rumors about the iPhone 7S (or is it the iPhone 8?) continue to come thick and fast and the latest scrap of information to make it down the Apple grapevine concerns a third model of iPhone that's going to be added to the range next year.

There have already been hints from trusted sources that a 5-inch model would be joining the 4.7-inch iPhone and the 5.5-inch iPhone Plus in 2017, but Japanese blog Macotakara is now saying that the 5-inch device will sport a different, vertical dual-lens camera.

Various configurations and specifications are still "under consideration" apparently, but this vertical camera design would help the third iPhone stand out from the other two. At the moment, screen size, camera configuration and battery size are the key differences  between the two iPhones.

Photo calls

Macotakara has a reasonably good reputation for getting insider information from the Asian supply chain, and has already been tipping the world off to a new red color coming to Apple's iPhone line-up next year.

However we don't know any more about how this vertical dual-lens camera would work or what extra features it might bring to the table. Last month there was a leak that said 3D camera technology would be included in next year's iPhones, so this could be related.

People claiming to be in the know aren't holding back when it comes to revealing the secrets of the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 or whatever Apple calls it: curved, AMOLED screens, glass displays and backings, and wireless charging are all apparently on the table.

Via MacRumors

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