Amazfit launches two new stress-tracking smartwatches after months of teasing

Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS 2
(Image credit: Amazfit)

Amazfit has released two new stress-monitoring smartwatches, the Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS 2, after many months of teasing. Amazfit first hinted at the new watches' arrival back in August, but they've only now been launched.

Stress-monitoring is a big selling point for smartwatches and fitness trackers in 2020 (as we saw with the launch of the tension-tracking Fitbit Sense), and both the GTR 2 and GTS 2 promise to support your mental health by measuring your stress throughout the day, and suggesting ways to help you relax.

The two watches also offer 24/7 heart rate tracking, and will warn you if they detect abnormalities in your resting heart rate that might warrant investigation by your doctor. Both devices can also measure blood oxygen saturation, helping you keep track of your cardiovascular health.

There are 12 exercise tracking modes (including swimming, as both watches are water resistant to 5ATM) though neither offers on-board GPS. There's support for voice controls through Amazon Alexa, and both devices have 3GB storage for music.

Spot the difference

The main difference between the two new Amazfit watches is their cases: contrary to early leaks, the Amazfit GTS 2 retains the same square face as the original GTS, while the GTR 2's face is round.

Both new Amazfit feature AMOLED displays (a big upgrade from their predecessors), with 3D curved Gorilla Glass. Their cases are made from aluminum alloy. The GTR 2 is available in stainless steel or black, while the GTS 2 comes in midnight black, desert gold or urban gray.

Both watches will cost $179 / $159 (about AU$250) at launch. The Amazfit GTR 2 goes on sale in the US and UK on October 30, while the GTS 2 will hit the shelves on November 1 in the US, and November 15 in the UK.

We'll be reviewing the GTR 2 and GTS 2 soon, and comparing them with other smartwatches available at the same price point.

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