Acer’s Swift laptops deliver performance and portability to fit any budget

Acer’s Swift laptops deliver performance and portability to fit any budget
(Image credit: Acer)

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the events of the past several years, it’s that creativity and productivity can happen anywhere. No longer must makers, creators, and dreamers be tethered to an office or a kitchen table to do their best work. 

And just as people shouldn’t be held back by where they work, they also shouldn’t be limited by their tools. Laptops have become essential to getting work done today, so whatever you do, you need a laptop that can keep up with you – and maybe even inspire you. 

Acer is no stranger to making high-quality, powerful, affordable laptops, and the company’s updated Swift lineup continues that trend by offering the latest-generation, performance-ready Intel or AMD processors, beautiful displays, and a premium design at a price to fit any budget.

Made for makers

Unleash a Swift notebook on even the most demanding projects. With extreme performance condensed within a thin and light metal chassis, creation becomes portable and so do you. 

Acer has built several innovative cooling features into the Swift lineup to ensure it can handle even the most intense creative session. There’s also plenty of ports to connect all the essential accessories and great FHD screens designed to deliver the most accurate colors. 

And Acer’s OceanGlass trackpad – available on the latest Swift 5 – is great for the environment, helping to preserve the planet for the next generation of makers.   

Tthe Swift series provides up to 16 hours of battery life.

(Image credit: Acer)

Exceptional performance anywhere

Creating on the go also means freedom from battery anxiety: no constant worrying where the next outlet is. Thankfully, the Swift series provides up to 16 hours of battery life inside an ultra-lightweight design without having to compromise the screen size or ports.  

Plus, the Swift series is backed by either powerful Intel® Core™ processors and Iris Xe graphics or AMD Ryzen™ processors and NVIDIA® graphics, with plenty of RAM and storage to give creators all the tools they need.

Equipped for entertainment 

When the hard work is done and it’s time to relax, the ultrasharp, colorful screens on the Swift lineup make it perfectly suited for kicking back with a good movie. 

When the work starts up again, Swift laptops are capable of high-quality imagery even in low-light conditions. They’re designed with impressive screen-to-body ratio options and powerful color technology, and thanks to options like Acer PurifiedVoice with AI Noise Reduction, video calling and sound have never been so good.

Acer’s Swift laptops are perfectly designed to provide makers with everything they need to create their best work anywhere.

(Image credit: Acer)

It takes a lot of hard work to create the art and technology that drive society, and those who make it shouldn’t be held back by inferior tools. Acer’s Swift laptops are perfectly designed to provide makers with the power, performance, and portability they need to create their best work wherever they are. 

Great tools shouldn’t come at a high price either. Acer has a range of Swift laptops, including these three that are perfect for any budget: 

The Swift 3 packs heavyweight performance in a lightweight shell. 

The Swift 5 delivers power and award-winning thermal design in a premium package.

The Swift X is built to handle the most demanding tasks.

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