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Mr Site Takeaway website review

Fast and convenient website creation

There's no styrofoam in sight with this Takeaway

Our Verdict

If you don't mind a bit of back and forth, you'll have a website up and running in no time


  • Affordable

    Easy to get started


  • Features could be better grouped

Have you ever thought of starting your own website? Well, for the asking price of £35 (inc. VAT), Mr Site gives you everything you need to design, set up and do just that. It even comes with an URL of your choice.

A website is so much more than just an address, so the package comes with support for up to 20 email addresses, as well as 150GB of web-space and 2GB bandwidth. You can even add an online store, which works seamlessly with PayPal for collecting money.

The price of the package covers one year's worth of hosting; after that it's a mere £2.50, so you can't grumble at the pricing structure. But what do you actually get for your money?

Setting up your account is easy enough, as you simply have to click on the activation page, type in the unique code that comes with the package, select your domain name and you're ready to go.

With the hosting issue covered, perhaps the hardest challenge is actually designing the layout and navigation of your site. Mr Site makes things easy, as there are a host of pre-designed formats to choose from. If you want to take the unique approach, you can use Power Tools, which even supports web design packages such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage.

Before you get carried away, it's not as easy as it sounds and can still take hours to design a reasonably easy layout. The main problem is the lack of lateral thinking on the designers' part, as they've failed to group the most obvious tools together. For instance, the edit text and image editing tools aren't linked, so you need to keep opening windows to switch between them.

Mr Site isn't quite the effortless tool it purports to be, but once you overcome its foibles, it offers a strong resource for novice website builders. Considering we had little experience of site design, we had a workable site in a matter of hours, which is no mean feat.