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Mister Retro Permanent Press review

Bring the soul back into today's sterile graphics

Mister Retro Permanent Press-Main
The fixed interface size and lack of navigator in Mister Retro Permanent Press means you spend too long panning around an image,but this charming filter nonetheless offers huge amounts of control

Our Verdict

Creates beautifully tactile and evocative images from sharp, modern graphics


  • Charming effects
  • Fine-grained control
  • Ability to save presets


  • Inefficient preview pane
  • Results aren't layered
  • Very basic control over stock

All the work traditionally required for creating the cleanest, crispest printed output has been been roundly undone by Mister Retro Permanent Press, a superb example of filter software.

It plugs into Photoshop CS2 or Photoshop Elements 4 or later, and creates low-fi print effects.

The included presets make great starting points, but the real fun begins when you start to tinker.

You have control over whether CMYK or specific inks are used, and can decide how thick the ink should be, what texture it can have, how heavy the press will be and more.

The results are packed with character, though we do have some niggles. The finished image is outputted as a flat image without any transparency, there's limited control over the paper and while you can set a flat colour, if you want a texture like we've added to our newsprint example, you'd need to apply that as a texture map using Photoshop's own tools. Regardless, we love it.