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iPhone 4G 'confirmed' to pack video chatting

Video calling on the iPhone - what next, extendable aerials?
Video calling on the iPhone - what next, extendable aerials?

It's been a busy day for iPhone gossip, with the big news being a 'confirmation' that the iPhone 4G will be packing video chat capabilities.

Engadget has found a number of people heading to Apple commercial filming (with none other than director Sam Mendes at the helm) which it has been told will see a mother and a daughter chatting through an iPhone 4G.

We've long heard rumours that the new iPhone will be bringing this kind of functionality, although we still have no idea why Apple thinks it can make a success of a technology nobody is interested in. Though that's not the first time we've said that and been wrong...

3G no more

In other iPhone-esque news, the iPhone 3G looks set for the chop once the new iPhone 4G is unveiled on 7 June, as not only is Walmart cutting the price radically in the US from $199 to $97, but reports are coming in that the iPhone 3G is no longer going to be sold.

The Apple store has removed its 'buy button' for this model of the phone, and BGR is reporting a tip that AT&T stores in the US won't be receiving any more shipments of the model - although this could of course just mean certain variations and colours are just getting low in terms of stock and not be part of the big conspiracy.

Given that it was mostly left out of the iPhone OS 4.0 update, this makes sense, especially as the Great Big Massive Clues all point to a new iPhone being released soon.

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