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Philips press conference: the 30-second version

IFA 2008: The Aurea II Ambilight
IFA 2008: The Aurea II Ambilight

In addition to Philips' Essence - the company's flatter-than-flat televisions (an amazing 42in wide yet just 38mm thin) there were a few more highlights from Philips' showing at IFA 2008 today. Read on for the full details.

Aurea II Ambilight

Meanwhile, the Aurea II Ambilight, relaunched as a 37in panel, comes with a more atmosphere-enhancing pearl shaded frame, as well as an updated Perfect Pixel HD engine, 100Hz refresh rate with 2ms response time, and a contrast ratio of 30,000:1. It has four HDMI inputs and power consumption in standby has been reduced from 0.8w in the previous version to only 0.15w this time around.

Expanded Heritage hi-fi range

Three new micro HiFis join last year's MCD908 Micro Theater, with MCM906 offering 150w of power and playing MP3 and WMA files from CD and plugin USB devices.

The even smaller MCM772 has diddy 100w speakers only 4in high, while the tiny MCM770 cranks out sounds at 60w.