The best cheap hoverboard deals for December 2022

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So you've decided walking is for mere mortals? Then you'll want to take a look at our roundup of the latest hoverboard prices. We had a look through the cheap hoverboards, but the quality can be shockingly poor, not to mention dangerous. That's why we've done our research to curate a list of hoverboard sale prices on reliable models.

Good hoverboards – or to give them their Sunday name, self-balancing motorized scooters – are a ton of fun. Provided you stick with reputable names (and in the US, look for UL safety certification) you can pick up a good quality hoverboard/self-balancing scooter for a pretty good price without having to brave the darker corners of eBay imports and risking all those pesky fires.

The best hoverboard prices

cheap hoverboard prices sales deals

Megawheels Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter

A solid hoverboard for beginners

UL certified
2 x 250W motors
10km range

If you don’t mind the garish colours – something that plagues many of the cheaper hoverboards – then the Megawheels isn’t a bad starter board, especially for children. It has twin 250w motors with a possible top speed of 7.5mph, and it should be good for up to 10km on flat surfaces. If you want to make yourself unpopular with passers-by you can also play music via the integrated Bluetooth speaker, and there’s a choice of three colours for the integrated LED lights. You can buy very similar-looking, similarly specified boards for a bit less, but they don’t tend to have that all-important UL safety certification.

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Colorway All Terrain Hoverboard

The best for off-road action

Off-road capability
2 x 250W motors
Strong enough for adults

Not everybody has a glass-smooth surface to swoop around. If your terrain is a little more rugged then the more powerful, off-road capable Colorway may be the board for you. We’re not talking military spec here – it’s good for gradients of up to 15 degrees, and you won’t get its 15mph top speed on an incline or on rougher ground – but its bigger wheels and more powerful motors make it a good option if you want to ride not just on tarmac but on grass or gravel too. It’s also strong enough for teenagers and adults up to 100Kg.

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

Sturdy and resistant - ready for impacts

60 minute ride time
2 x 350W motors
really solid

The Hovertrax 2.0 is the second version of Razor’s popular hoverboard, and the firm was the first US brand to receive that all-important UL safety certification. The board’s good looking and made of tough stuff, its steel frame coated in shatter-resistant polymer with bumpers and light bars. You can easily swap out the battery for a spare to keep on moving, and it’ll deliver nearly 60 minutes of silent cruising at up to 9mph. It also boasts a very smooth ride, something that’s markedly different from the experience you get from cheaper rivals. It’s not one for off-roading but it’s a really good choice for urban travel.

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Segway miniLITE

Take me to the future!

Really good for kids
18km range
Unusual steering 

Ah, Segways. Remember the claim that we’d design cities around them? That didn’t quite happen but Segway did kick-start a personal transport revolution with its iconic, expensive and enormous self-balancing scooters. The MiniLITE is a lot smaller and an awful lot cheaper but retains that magical ride and reduces the large handlebars to a knee controller instead. It’s suitable for children aged 6-plus, runs at up to 11mph and is good for around 18km on a single charge, and it’s a typically well designed and well built Segway product. Taller adults may prefer a larger option, however. 

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Segway miniPRO

For big kids with deep pockets

Big wheels
Big motors
Stock is hard to find in some territories

Let’s start with the numbers. The miniPRO has motors delivering 800W, rocketing it to a 10mph top speed and giving it a range of around 14 miles in good conditions. The knee control bar makes it easier and more precise to control than standard hoverboards, and those 10.5 inch tyres cope effortlessly with most lumps and bumps. The miniPRO can climb inclines of up to 15 degrees and it has automatic head- and taillights to stop other people crashing into you. Segway is quite sniffy about the whole hoverboard thing: this, it insists, is a Personal Transporter. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a very well designed and engineered product. It’s not cheap, but you get a lot of technology for your money.

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