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23andMe Black Friday sale: it’s 50% off the DNA test today only

23andme DNA test
(Image credit: 23andMe)

Update: The 23andMe Black Friday deal is still available, so don't pay full price for a DNA test when you can get it for a 50% discount today. Do note that this 23andMe deal ends at midnight Pacific time, so there's a few hours left to learn about your genetic health risks and ancestry. Here's the deal:

23AndMe DNA Test Kit: $199 $99 on Amazon
Score this half-off deal on one of the most popular genealogy products out there. Look into your past to prepare for your future for a cool $100 off list price.View Deal

If you've been hearing everyone talk about getting their DNA tested but haven't done it yourself, now's your chance to get the test kit for a substantially better price. Normally, the 23andMe DNA test would cost $199, but for Black Friday, the cost comes down to just $99 on Amazon.

The kit will give you the tools you need to collect a DNA sample and send it in to the 23andMe team for testing. The information that 23andMe gathers from your DNA can give you information about your ancestry and potential genetic health risks.

If you're very mindful of your health, the DNA test can serve as a way to explore any  genetic links you may have to diseases or reactions to certain foods. Knowing what risks your genes pose can help you make health decisions early to avoid issues later on.

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Included in this discounted package is both health and ancestry reporting, giving you the full package. You all get access to the raw data collected from the test, giving the option to export your info to use with other services that examine it in different ways.