Meta is cutting off support for the original Quest headset at the end of April

Oculus Quest headset and Oculus Touch controllers
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Support for the original Oculus Quest headset will soon end as Meta has sent out emails to developers informing them of the company’s future plans for the device. Forbes managed to get their hands on the details, and according to their report, the tech giant is going to be strict. They really do not want the headset to stick around.

Developers have until April 30 to roll out any “app updates for the Quest 1 to the Meta Quest store.” Past that date, nothing will be allowed to be released even if dev teams want to continue catering to users of the older model. Meta will outright block the patch. 

If an app is available on other Quest devices, the update can roll out to those headsets, but the Quest 1 support will be denied. New apps that come out after April 30 are not going to appear on the online store nor will owners even be allowed to buy them. They’ll be stuck in limbo.

The email continues by saying Meta will maintain the Quest 1 by releasing “critical bug fixes and security patches” until August of this year. Once the summer is over, the company will be wiping its hands clean, marking the official end of its first mainline headset. Users who want to continue on the platform will need to upgrade to either a Quest 2 or Quest 3


The depreciation of the Quest 1, as sudden as it may seem, has been a long time coming. Meta originally announced the end of the headset back in January 2023. Soon after, it began to periodically pull the plug on certain features. Upgrades eventually grinded to a halt, people lost the ability to create parties, and lost access to the social aspects of Horizon Home.

Meta is turning the Quest 1 into a plastic brick as it cuts off support without any wiggle room. However, it's possible that the headset could see new life among niche online communities or platforms like SideQuest. No one is stopping independent developers from sideloading apps. If you plan on joining these groups, keep in mind the software you download from unofficial spaces could come with malware. Meta isn’t going to come in and save you. You’re on your own.

Analysis: is the Quest 2 next?

Despite knowing all this would happen ahead of time, the Quest 1 cutoff is harsh to say the least especially when you compare it to gaming consoles. The headset didn’t even reach its fifth birthday before getting the ax. Consoles, on the other hand, often see many more years of support, sometimes a full decade’s worth. Seeing the shutdown makes us wonder what’s going to happen to the Quest 2.

The second-gen model was released about a year-and-a-half after the original headset. Although it brought many improvements at launch, the performance of the Quest 2 has been eclipsed by other headsets. It could potentially see a similar end, although we think it’s unlikely. The Quest 2 has proven itself to be much more popular than the original, so a sudden cutoff likely won’t happen any time soon. It should exist as the brand's mid-range option moving forward.

If you're affected by the shutoff and want a new device, check out TechRadar's list of the best VR headsets for 2024.

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