M3 MacBooks are coming, but I’m more interested in this new iMac leak

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, long known as a prolific Apple hardware leaker, has published his latest list of expectations for Apple’s upcoming product releases – and the inclusions range from wholly unsurprising to very intriguing.

Naturally, we’ve got the expected successors to Apple’s M2 hardware – the Apple M3, which will reportedly be arriving in three new MacBook Pros, two new MacBook Airs, and two new iMacs. The report also details some other stuff, like new iPad and Apple Watch models, but it’s mostly quite par for the course.

The most recent Mac product to grace Apple Store shelves was the MacBook Air 15-inch, which I personally viewed as something of a needless stop-gap; an antithesis to the ethos of the compact, lightweight Air, unexciting for its lack of a new M3 chip. The promise of new 13-inch MacBook Air and Pro models packing the M3 chip is exciting – but there’s one extra little tidbit from Gurman that has me really interested.

In addition to the two new iMac models (which both come with the 24-inch displays seen in the currently-available M1 iMac), Gurman references a mysterious new iMac model, which will allegedly come with “a screen over 30 inches” in size.

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As someone who prefers a larger screen for my desktop computer (I’m currently using a 32-inch curved ultra-widescreen display from MSI), this actually has me excited. The current iMac is simply too small at 24 inches, in my opinion. Even the older 27-inch iMac wasn’t really to my liking – and those huge black bezels are horrendous.

But Apple’s Pro Display XDR has always been appealing; sure, it’s a professional-grade product with a ludicrous price tag, but the notion of a larger screen with Apple’s slick design chops is certainly an attractive one. Cram in a new M3-powered macOS system behind that screen, and you’ve got an all-in-one computer that could truly shake up the market.

An iMac with 30+ inches of screen real estate would be a game-changer, as far as I’m concerned. A much bigger display would mean more room for multi-tasking, better clarity for watching and editing videos, and even the potential for some serious gaming on Mac. In fact, I’m sad we didn’t see this at WWDC 2023 - I would’ve preferred it to Apple’s weird and ridiculously expensive Apple Vision Pro headset.

Sadly, Gurman reckons this mysterious new iMac is still in very early development, with no details at all as to when it could actually appear. We already know that the M3 chip likely won’t materialize until 2024, so this model could arrive even later – but I’ll be waiting with bated breath until it does. Just don’t make it an iMac Pro with a steep price tag to match, okay Apple?

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