Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event could finally unveil refreshed iMacs - packed with the M3 chip and a brand-new stand

Beijing, China - 26 May, 2021: Brand new 2021 colorful iMac’s in Apple Store. Customers are waiting in line to get new products from Apple.
Et nylig innvilget patent avslører Apples store planer om en futuristisk nyskapning av iMac. (Image credit: abolukbas via Shuttertsock )

Apple fans have another event to look forward to, titled 'Scary Fast' and scheduled for October 30, and the company is predictably not giving anything away. However, new leaks are suggesting that the tech giant is finally ready to announce new iMacs packed with the M3 chip, a redesigned stand, and - hopefully - some new color options. 

We’ve been swimming in rumors surrounding a possible iMac refresh for the last few weeks, with some suggesting we wouldn’t see any new Macs until 2024 while others claimed an M2 iMac was imminent, so the ‘Scary Fast’ Apple event comes in good time.

Industry analyst and renowned Apple leaker Mark Gurman shared his predictions for the event in his latest ‘Power On’ newsletter. According to Gurman, the M3 iMac has been in the works for a long time, with the machine apparently going into production months ago. He also notes that we probably won’t see a lot of changes in terms of external design, but we could see a lot of hidden internal adjustments and possibly a new stand. Gurman expects the color schemes to be ‘similar’ to the existing M1 iMac.

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While I may be disappointed that we might not see new and exciting colors - especially since the color scheme refresh was one of the most notable things about the previous M1 iMac models - I am incredibly excited about possibly getting M3 iMacs. Perhaps we’ll see different hues of the same colors? 

The 24-inch iMac is well overdue for an update, so hopefully Apple will address the few issues we pointed out in our review. The lack of ports present on the latest model is sadly unlikely to be corrected if Gurman’s predictions are accurate, but the M3 chip is expected to offer a serious generational step up in terms of performance - which makes the ‘Scary Fast’ name of Apple’s event make a lot more sense.

I'm interested to see if the 27-inch iMac will be mentioned at all during the event, as it appears the device has long since been forgotten by Apple. Fans of the larger all-in-one computer have been left in the lurch in recent years with no significant upgrades, so it would be good to see Apple revisit the device and give it the love it deserves during the event. Where's my 27-inch M3 iMac, Apple?!

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