Clue in AMD driver suggests Ryzen 9000X3D CPUs could arrive soon to supercharge your next gaming PC

The AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D in an AM5 motherboard
(Image credit: Future)

AMD has just released a new chipset driver that incorporates a feature for the 3D V-Cache spins on its incoming Ryzen 9000 processors.

In fact, not only does version of the driver (spotted by leaker Harukaze5719 on X) come with a new take on the 3D V-Cache Performance Optimizer – version – which could be a telling addition (and we’ll come back to why), it also introduces support for Windows 11 24H2, the next major update for Microsoft’s OS due to land later this year.

The release also furnishes us with a bunch of bug fixes, but the most interesting aspect here is the move with Ryzen 9000X3D, CPUs that are expected to grab our attention and the title of the fastest gaming processor.

We’ve very recently been told that next-gen 3D V-Cache processors are getting a big uplift, and according to an AMD exec, there are some “really, really cool updates to X3D coming” and this is about a new iteration of X3D, not just a rehash compared to Ryzen 7000X3D silicon.

That sounds exciting, and surely this new version of the 3D V-Cache Performance Optimizer will be part of those measures to hopefully supercharge Ryzen 9000X3D.

Analysis: A swift follow-up with X3D this time around?

What’s perhaps more exciting here is that this is another hint that we could be getting Ryzen 9000X3D processors early doors this time around with Zen 5. Typically, there’s a fair old gap between the launch of vanilla Ryzen desktop CPUs and then X3D models – it was five months with AMD’s current-gen silicon, in fact – but this time, there’s a rumor that with Ryzen 9000 it’ll only be a couple of months.

Ryzen 9000 vanilla versions are out in July, next month, and that recent speculation on Ryzen 9000X3D floated the idea that it’ll be launched just two months later in September.

If support for performance optimization is coming in now, this groundwork being done at this early stage is another suggestion that AMD is indeed going to surprise us with a speedy launch of Ryzen 9000X3D. And it comes on top of our theories from yesterday about why AMD might want to push out these 3D V-Cache spins early – due to worries about how gaming performance of vanilla Ryzen 9000 might stack up to Intel’s incoming next-gen CPUs, Arrow Lake.

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