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XtraLean Software ImageWell 3.7.1 review

An efficient and capable tool for rapidly editing and uploading images

XtraLean Software ImageWell
Finished images can be sent straight to online locations, including FTP folders

Our Verdict

Outperforms its rivals and is worth buying, despite an ugly mug


  • Efficient and feature-rich
  • Decent web/upload tools


  • Simple batch conversion
  • Ugly, clunky interface

XtraLean's ImageWell is a nifty tool for making quick-fire edits and format changes to images, and then saving or uploading them to the web.

On dragging an image into the well, you can switch its format, amend its name, adjust its size and add a text watermark. Options also exist for sending your screen (or a selection) to ImageWell.

An Edit button expands the main window, giving access to further controls for cropping, adding shapes, masks, borders or drop shadows, and adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness.

A Preview button lets you view your image in exported form, without guides, and applied attributes can be saved as templates for future use.

ImageWell screengrab

UI OPTIONS: This composite grab shows the main window in Standard and Edit modes (Click here for high res version)

When you're done editing, your image can be dragged from the well to Finder or sent to a user defined online location, such as an iDisk, Flickr or an FTP folder. Usefully, any file dropped on ImageWell's Send button can be uploaded, making it a handy 'lite' FTP app.

For forum users, ImageWell's History feature enables one-click copying of the location of uploaded images, and provides formatting options (HTML , [img] and [image]).

If the quality of ImageWell's interface matched its functionality, we'd have a winner here. As it is, the UI is clunky, but it's still a recommended app.

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