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Philips talks up Aurea 2009 TV range

Philips has announced its latest Aurea television for 2009, promising that the range will take a leap forward in terms of design and viewing experience.

The new Aurea will keep the familiar active frame and Ambilight, but will also boast several features.

Aurea 3's Ambilight will now include new LED technology which will enable a 'sleek and lean design' including 250 LEDS that will enable exact colour matching between the image and the frame.

Remote or love egg? you decide

The Aurea remote has been given a rather curious overhaul and now looks a bit like a Mac Mouse – although officially 'the Aurea remote control has an iconic design, in pearl with a slider feature so that the primary keyset is easily accessible'. Oh, and it's backlit.

There will be a matching Harmony Soundbar to complement the latest Aurea design and it can be operated by the same remote – as you may expect.

Aureas will have 100Hz Clear LCD and a 2 millisecond response time, come equipped with Philips' most advanced screen processing tech and the Pixel HD engine promises to process 500 million pixels per second.