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Amazon's Kindle for PC arrives in beta

Amazon DX - desirable
Amazon DX - desirable

Amazon has released a free Beta version of Kindle for PC, allowing people to read their purchased eBooks from their computers.

Kindle for PC was announced back in October, and Amazon has made good on its promise with a free beta version for people to try out.

Big hitter

The Kindle has been a huge hit in the eBook market, and the PC version allows you to start reading on the eReader and then continue where you left off on your laptop – and vice versa – taking advantage of the Amazon 3G network.

Chuck in multi-touch capability, the ability to download books and the view notes made when you used the portable device, and you have a fairly nifty free app.

Of course, the problems with the Kindle still not really finding its feet in the UK haven't gone away, so there will be frustrations as well.