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Amazon Kindle 2 pictures emerge

Amazon Kindle 2
Amazon Kindle 2

Leaked photos of the next generation Amazon Kindle 2 eBook reader have surfaced – ahead of the official unveiling on Monday.

The Kindle has been a hit in the US, making a successor a certainty, and it is expected to be officially shown off by Amazon's Chief Executive Jeff Bezos at a press conference.

However, the mobileread forum has pilfered two images of the Kindle 2 and, although the authenticity cannot be guaranteed, they certainly appear genuine.


The original Kindle was launched by Amazon in November 2007, and immediately sold out, prompting a welter of disingenuous 'death of the paper book' stories.

However, underneath the dramatic headlines the potential of carrying a library of books around in a simple device was becoming clearer, and the arrival of the Kindle, as well as eBook readers from the likes of Sony, helped show the public desire for such a device.

The Kindle launched with 88,000 available books for a price of $399 (£269), although that soon dropped to $359 (£242).

UK device

The Kindle has currently only been sold by Amazon in the US, with the company struggling to keep pace with demand even in a limited market.

However, the success of the Kindle would suggest that Amazon will look to launch the next generation to the greatest possible market, which would suggest that the Kindle 2 will, eventually, make it across the Atlantic.