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Cancer specialist: 'mobile phones no cancer risk'

If you’re a heavy mobile phone user and worried about what effects having a handset stuck to your ear for large chunks of the day might have on your health, you can relax a bit. At least until the next 'mobile phones and cancer' report comes out.

Australian cancer specialist Bernard Stewart has looked into the most likely causes of cancer, and he claims that using a mobile phone is not one of them. You can continue drinking coffee too, but steer clear of cigarettes, excessive amounts of alcohol and that two-week beach holiday as sun exposure was reaffirmed one of the leading risk factors.

Professor Stewart, of the University of New South Wales, devised a five-point system listing the risk of cancer from proven and likely, to inferred, unknown or unlikely, Reuters reports.

High risk of cancer?

"Our tool will help establish if the level of risk is high, say on a par with smoking, or unlikely such as using deodorants, artificial sweeteners and drinking coffee," Stewart said.

Active smokers and ex-smokers were most at risk of developing cancer, with alcohol defined as another high risk factor.

But using your mobile phone makes you "far less likely" to develop cancer, Stewart said, adding there may still be some long-term risks involved.