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Amazon MP3 store opens for UK Android users

Amazon opens UK Android store for MP3s
Amazon opens UK Android store for MP3s

Amazon's MP3 store for Android mobile phones has finally gone live in the UK, offering DRM-free downloads for your handset.

The new store, which was first mentioned when Android was first shown off in 2008, has been active in the US but has now opened in the UK too, which we brought you news of earlier this week.

The songs cost around 69p per track and mostly between £3 and £9 per album, which is darn sight cheaper than other outlets on the internet.

Dual outlets

The songs can be downloaded over both Wi-Fi and 3G, but the application doesn't have a dedicated media player, so you'll need to use the standard Android music player if you want to actually hear the tunes.

It seems there are two versions of the Amazon MP3 application: one that works on Android v1.5 (ie the HTC Magic, the Samsung Galaxy and the LG Intouch Max) and one that works with v1.6+, like the Motorola Milestone and the HTC Hero.

We're waiting to find out if there will be anything more coming from Amazon on this front, but we're glad the UK has finally caught up with the US, albeit nearly a year later.

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