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Amazon named as 'world's best-value brand'

Amazon brings the value added
Amazon brings the value added

Amazon has been revealed as the "best-value brand" on the planet.

This is according to a study by Millward Brown, a research agency that specialises in advertising and marketing communications.

Amazon tops both the global and the UK list, with toothpaste manufacturer Colgate coming second.

A brand apart

In the global list there are a total of three tech brands. Alongside Amazon, Nokia resides in third place and Microsoft is in seventh.

In the UK, there's also three technology companies, with eBay replacing Nokia and Microsoft rising to third.

Peter Walshe, global BrandZ director at Millward Brown, said about the study: "What is needed is a balance between the consumer's desire for a brand and the price they are prepared to pay for it.

"This new report will help brands to see where there is a shortfall and how to increase sales potential."

Amazon announced recently that it has started selling the Amazon Kindle in bricks-and-mortar shops, with Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stocking the device.