Exclusive: OnePlus 7T will have 23% faster charging with Warp Charge 30T

OnePlus 7T news
The Warp Charger in front of the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G (Image credit: Future)

The all-but-fully-announced OnePlus 7T is coming – we've not only seen leaks about the specs, but OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau showed off the design this week.

We have a bit more information about the tech behind that blue matte-frosted glass enclosure. Specifically, we can tell you about the new OnePlus 7T fast charging capabilities.

"We believe that Warp Charge 30T offers the best charging solution for real-world usage," Lau told TechRadar. "You can charge the phone at 23% faster speeds, even while using the device."

Sure, we found the five-month-old OnePlus 7 Pro to charge quickly. Our battery recharge tests indicated it went from 0% to 100% in one hour and 23 minutes. The OnePlus 7T is said to best that timing.

"We’re not going to introduce something for the sake of being first," Lau said about why it didn't come to the OnePlus 7 Pro earlier this year. "We took time to refine and iterate, continuously testing until we were able to achieve something we were proud to provide to our fans."

OnePlus 7T design revealed by Lau earlier this week

OnePlus 7T design revealed by Lau earlier this week (Image credit: OnePlus)

Where OnePlus does things a bit differently

You should be able to use the same Warp Charge 30 charging brick with the new phone, and that's where a lot of the fast-charging magic happens. It's the reason it's a bit bigger than a normal charger.

"Unlike most fast charging solutions, Warp Charge 30 handles the power management inside of the power brick instead of inside the phone," Lau said. "This keeps the phone cool, allowing for fast charge rates even when the phone is in use."

Huawei and Samsung are also leaders pushing fast phone charging to their limits, but OnePlus uses decidedly different technology to increase its speeds. 

"Our latest Warp Charge delivers 6A at 5V to attain 30W," Lau revealed.

"Compared to other charging technology that rely on high voltage, Warp Charge 30T is able fast charge without overheating, even enabling phone users the capability to game while they charge their devices."

Wireless charging not up to speed for OnePlus

While OnePlus continues to make advancements in charging speeds, you shouldn't expect wireless charging to be a part of the forthcoming OnePlus 7T unveiling.

"Wireless charging doesn’t currently offer the fast experience that we are comfortable adding to our devices," Lau admitted.

While Samsung does offer fast wireless charging at 15W in the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, it still pales in comparison to a wired charging experience. It's a nice to have, but doesn't seem like it's for OnePlus – at least not in 2019.

Matt Swider