OnePlus 7T design revealed ahead of launch: here's your first look at the phone

OnePlus 7T
(Image credit: OnePlus)

We were expecting the upcoming OnePlus 7T to launch on September 26, since OnePlus itself said so, but the company has unveiled the device's design early, with pictures that show off the upcoming smartphone in great detail.

CEO Pete Lau took to the OnePlus forums to unveil the design of the firm's next flagship handset more than a week ahead of its scheduled launch event.

The main takeaway from the device is the new rear camera bump, which has been enlarged, made circular and appears to house three cameras. We don't know what specs these cameras have, or what lenses, but it's an upgrade on the OnePlus 7 which had two rear snappers.

A round rear camera bump is a new look for OnePlus, but one we've seen others employ including the Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.2 and Moto G7

According to Lau, it should make a "bold visual statement, but also flow naturally with the overall design for a seamless appearance."

Using the camera lenses as a point of comparison, the OnePlus 7T also looks a little larger than the OnePlus 7, although we've got no idea on exact sizes for now.

Lau states that design and performance is a key part of the OnePlus 7T: "exceptional design isn't just about the things you see, but also about the little things that you don't even notice. It's about everything being in the right place, creating a fast, smooth, seamless, and fluid experience".

We're expecting to see the OnePlus 7T launch on September 26 in India, with a worldwide rollout on October 10, so for all the latest OnePlus news come back to TechRadar then to find out everything you need to know about the OnePlus 7T (and potentially the rumored OnePlus 7T Pro too).

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