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Vista SP1 available from Wednesday claims Amazon

Vista SP1 soon?

Amazon appears to have let the cat out of the bag as regards the public launch of the long-awaited Vista SP1.

According to the online retailer the update will be included with new boxed versions of Vista in the US from Wednesday 19th March. UK customers will apparently have to wait until 4th April for a boxed copy of Vista complete with the update.

Does this mean that Vista SP1 will also be released for public download on Wednesday, or will Microsoft put itself in the rather embarrassing position of missing its own delivery date?

Microsoft has been promising to have a public download of SP1 out by ‘Mid-March’ for some time now, however by the end of this week ‘mid-March’ will have given way to ‘late-March’ and Microsoft will have broken its promise.

For now, Microsoft isn’t commenting on the Amazon faux pas or on the tide of internet rumour associated with it. Let's all wait until Wednesday and reserve judgement until then.

On a related matter, it is also reported that Microsoft has failed to fix the KB937287 update bug that caused some users to experience problems when re-booting after installation. Could this be part of the delay? Again, Microsoft won’t say.