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Philips Fidelio B5 soundbar brings authentic cinema sound to the living room

Bluetooth ahoy!

Last year, Philips revealed the Fidelio E5, a system designed to make surround sound in the living room more affordable and less complex. At IFA 2014, Philips is continuing its trend of 'Surround on demand' with an update to its soundbar, transforming it into the Fidelio B5.

As before, the B5 is made unique by its two wireless detachable speakers, which you can place behind you for the surround sound experience. But now the soundbar and its two speakers can also be used as independent Bluetooth speakers as well.

The design is almost identical to the HTL9100 with just a few tiny aesthetic tweaks here and there. Philips says you'll get five hours of battery from the speakers for listening to music in Bluetooth mode, and up to 10 hours in movie mode - we'll have to wait until we get our hands on it in order to test those claims.

The Fidelio B5 wireless surround soundbar speaker will be available to buy from October in Europe, with global launch dates and prices yet to be confirmed.