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Amazon Prime Day 2022 in Australia: are we getting a second one this year?

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How to shop during Prime Day

The only way to maximise your savings during the Prime Day sale is to become a Prime member. Click on the link below to sign up and you'll get a 30-day free trial, plus access to a lot of other Amazon services, including Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming (a premium experience on Twitch)
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That's it, folks, Amazon Prime Day 2022 is done and dusted. Or... is it? Now, there are some whispers in the wind that there will be a round two this year, something Amazon has never done before, but sources out of the US are saying there could be another instalment to look forward to. No specifics are known yet, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Of course, while you wait, you can still bag plenty of bargains from Amazon Australia. The deals really don't ever stop. You can still pick up savings across pretty much every category of item that Amazon stocks, including electronics. Sure, the discounts aren't going to be as good as they are during Prime Day, but hey, if you missed out, at least you get a chance to pick up something on your wish list for less. 

And the good news is that you don't need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of these deals, although you will get early access to several if you are signed up.

If you haven't had a taste of what being a Prime member can do for you, you can always sign up now and you will get a 30-day free trial (opens in new tab). If you are keen to participate in the next Prime Day, we'd suggest holding off signing up now and do so just before the next big sale, so you can take full advantage of the free and fast delivery, plus the savings.

Will there be another Prime Day this year?

There's no official word on whether there's going to be a second Prime Day this year but, according to a leak back in June, there just might be one.

It's expected to happen in October and the rumour stems from the fact that Amazon – at least in the US – has asked third-party sellers on its platform to submit another round of deals with a deadline to do so set for late July. Since Prime Day 2022 took place mid-July, we can only assume Amazon is gearing up for round 2 in Q4.

Moreover, we did have a Prime Day in October... back in 2020, so another event later in the year is not really unprecedented. At the time it was pushed back because of the pandemic and stock issues, and yet Amazon claimed that it surpassed its 2019 event, selling billions worth more globally.

Now, it's worth noting that, as of writing, Amazon Australia has not yet confirmed a second Prime Day 2022 sale. Until we get a press release actually stating it's happening, treat any rumours with a pinch of salt. There's also a strong chance this may just be a standard sales event with early access to some deals for Prime members, too, as a prelude to Black Friday 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022: everything you need to know

Prime Day 2022

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When did Amazon Prime 2022 take place?

Amazon Prime Day ran from 12am AEST on Tuesday, July 12 to 11:59pm AEST on Wednesday, July 13 in 2022. And that was just the official local sale. We Aussies have the advantage of being able to shop select items available on Amazon UK and Amazon US, so our Prime Day goes on until the sale finally finishes on the US West Coast. So, in Australia, we got to shop until 5pm AEST on Thursday, July 14 – a full 65 hours! 

Prime Day date history

Fifth: July 12-14, 2022
Fourth: June, 21-23, 2021
Third: Oct 13-15, 2020
Second: July 15-17, 2019
First: July 16-17, 2018 

For the first time, we actually saw Amazon jump the gun a little bit and drop some juicy Prime Day deals ahead of the actual event itself, mainly on its own devices. So, if you're planning on shopping during the next Prime Day, you might want to keep an eye out for bargains a day early.

A few of these 'warm up' Prime Day deals this year also included really great promotions on popular subscription services such as Audible, Music Unlimited, and Kindle Unlimited. Prime Day isn't just a great time to be picking up cheap tech, it's also a good time to be thinking about trying out new streaming platforms or services with a range of extended free trials on offer.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day began in the US in 2015 as a celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary, with more deals on offer than Black Friday back then. Prime Day then quickly transformed into Amazon’s mid-year sales event where members of Amazon Prime get exclusive discounts on a wide range of items. 

While it began as a one-day sale, by 2018 it had expanded to two days, and that meant that in Australia we could shop for 36 hours – i.e. until the sale ended in the US. In 2019, however, it got even bigger and Aussie shoppers were treated to a whopping 65 hours of discounts. 2020 brought 66 hours of the shopping spree only because of daylight savings in October, and it was back to 65 hours in 2021.

How to sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial

Prime logo

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1. Go to Amazon Prime (opens in new tab)
2. Select: Start your free trial
3. Follow the instructions
4. Start browsing deals (opens in new tab)

Why does Amazon have Prime Day? It's presented as a neat ‘thank you’ to its paying members, but one that involves giving Amazon more money and shifting a lot of stock at the same time.

Prime Day isn’t just about selling Amazon-branded products – many other brands and third-party sellers also save their best deals for Prime Day, completely aware that thousands of extra shoppers will be hitting the online store.

To make the most of Prime Day you’ll need to get yourself an Amazon Prime membership (opens in new tab) which, in Australia, will set you back just AU$6.99 a month or AU$59 a year – half the cost of the US subscription. 

While you’re primarily paying for the privilege of free, swift delivery, signing up for Prime means you’ll also have free access to Amazon’s streaming services, including Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and Twitch.

If you'd like to know more about how a Prime membership can benefit you, head to our dedicated page on Amazon Prime in Australia where we explain it all.

How to prepare for Prime Day 2023: pro tips

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How do you find the best Prime Day deals?

If you're keen to go bargain hunting during the next Prime Day – whether that's in October this year or some time next year – here are a few tips you can try.

1. Grab an Amazon Prime free trial
If you're not a Prime member yet you're not out of the running for this year's Prime Day deals. You can sign up closer to the event and Amazon will give you a 30-day free trial of its Prime service, which means you'll be able to take part in the savings event and enjoy some extra time with Prime Video as well. 

2. Know what you want to buy, but stay flexible
Having a good understanding of exactly what you want to get out of Amazon Prime Day will be key to winning. That way you'll be able to quickly recognise how good that discount really is, but stay flexible enough to know whether you should opt for another model. 

For example, if you need a new camera, take a look at what features each brand offers, perhaps take a look at a few in person (Ted's Cameras is great for displaying side-by-side comparisons in-store), and find a few options you would be happy to pick up. Get to know their prices and how cheap they can be so that you can identify a good deal quickly on the day. 

However, it's also worth identifying the features that you could sacrifice in order to boost the specs that you really care about – you don't want to miss out on the best Prime Day deals just because the specific model you had in mind isn't taking part. 

3. Keep some of that flexibility in your budget
Obviously, it's never a good idea to get caught up in the heat of the moment and spend crazy money for the sake of a good deal. However, a little room above your maximum spend will be helpful in securing the best value deals available. 

Sometimes the best Prime Day deals aren't on the cheapest items available, but on the next level up that offers so much more without boosting the price too much. For example, if you're looking for a laptop you might be tempted by a super low price on a 32GB Chromebook. However, if the 64GB model is just AU$50-AU$80 more expensive, it's a far better investment.

4. Get in there early, but stick around for the full event
When the day itself comes, we'd recommend heading to Amazon as early as possible. This will give you first eyes on the biggest discounts Amazon is offering on the first day. And because many of the hottest Prime Day deals sell out particularly quickly, you may need to move fast. 

However, just because you've managed to secure an incredible discount straight away shouldn't mean your work is done. Amazon releases plenty more high profile savings throughout the course of the two-day event, so it's worth checking back in throughout as well.

5. You're not limited to Amazon – price check and price match
Prime Day isn't strictly limited to Amazon. We see more and more retailers offering competing discounts these days, and that extra competition often drives prices even further down. It's worth checking other shops aren't running their own version of Prime Day deals. Even if they aren't, some may offer price match guarantees and you may snag additional extras for shopping elsewhere.

5 top deals from Prime Day 2022

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Nintendo Switch | AU$469 AU$339 (AU$130 off)

The Nintendo Switch dropped to AU$348 during Prime Day 2021, so this was a better deal. Whether Amazon will take this even lower during the next Prime Day is anyone's guess, but we're keeping our fingers crossed as other retailers are now matching this low price during specific sales.

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Apple Watch 7 (GPS, 41mm) | from AU$599 from AU$497 (AU$102 off)

It's been very rare to see the Apple Watch 7 get discounts at any retailer. So when Amazon dropped the price by over AU$100 during Prime Day 2022, we were ecstatic. Perhaps we'll see discounts on the Apple Watch 8 after it launches, or a much bigger and better discount on the Series 7 instead.

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Razer Blade 14 | Ryzen 9 / 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD / RTX 3070 Ti | AU$4,499 AU$3,279 (AU$1,220 off)

The Razer Blade 14 remains one of the best lightweight gaming laptops you can buy. And a whopping discount like this on a machine boasting an RTX 3070 Ti GPU was one heck of a deal on a beast. Here's hoping we see more of this, if not better, next time round.

 This model comes stacked with a Ryzen 9 6900HX CPU, an RTX 3070 Ti GPU and 16GB of RAM. It’s all housed in a luxurious-looking laptop that’s easily portable too.

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Kobo Libra 2 | AU$279 AU$219 (AU$60 off)

Our pick of the best ereaders on the market got a decent discount on Amazon for the last Prime Day. In fact, Kobo ereaders, until then, weren't even available on Amazon Australia. Perhaps we'll see a deeper discount on this model that offers plenty of bang for buck even at full price.

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ErgoTune Supreme ergonomic office chair | AU$749 AU$454 (AU$295 off)

To make sure you get the best support while you work, ErgoTune developed its Supreme office chair to support your head and the lumbar region, offer breathability and the promise of precision tilts. It's relatively new to Amazon and it got a very decent 39% off last time. The ErgoTune Supreme V3 (opens in new tab) has just been announced, so perhaps we'll see a great discount on a better version.

Are Prime Day deals competitive?

Amazon has a plethora of offers on its site each day and those are usually some of the best prices you can find on consumer tech. Whether you’re after a Samsung Galaxy S22 or a Nikon Z 7II camera, chances are you’ll get them cheaper on Amazon than any other Aussie retailer. It’s even more the case with Prime Day deals. 

Leading the raft of deals during Prime Day 2022 was Amazon’s own products, including all the Echo and Kindle products, not to mention Ring security devices, and that's not going to change any time soon. Amazon is also one of the most convenient places to score a discount on the Oculus VR headsets and, now, lay your hands on official stock of Samsung devices, Xiaomi phones, Instant Pots, Nikon and Canon photography gear, and Apple products, whether iPhones, MacBooks, Apple Watches or iPads.

You can easily score about 35% off on Amazon’s own devices during Prime Day which, for the rest of the year probably don’t drop more than 28% or thereabouts. If you’ve managed to score a AU$500 discount on Samsung or Huawei devices during one of Amazon’s regular deals, then it’s highly likely that the discount will be much deeper come Prime Day. It’s the perfect time to snag a Nintendo Switch or find the lowest prices on the best premium headphones – cheaper than any other retailer who will likely be scrambling to price-match.

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