iPhone 4 problems - five quick fixes

Solve issues with iPhone 4 reception, and more

iPhone 4 problems 5 quick fixes

Apple's new iPhone 4 definitely floats our boat with its impressive Retina Display and HD video recording, but its launch has not been as smooth as usual for Apple.

iPhone 4 problems have been reported, mainly relating to reception loss when the device is held in a certain way, and Apple has been forced to address the matter through a statement on its website and an upcoming software fix. Here we'll show you what you can do right now to solve any iPhone niggles you may have.

1. iPhone 4 reception problems

Holding the iPhone 4 so that your skin bridges the small gap in the external antenna at the bottom left-hand side of the phone can cause your signal bars to rapidly drop off, if you're in an area with poor reception.

According to its statement, Apple thinks the problem occurs because all iPhones use an incorrect formulae to calculate signal bars. Apple say there's a software fix coming that will stop the drop-off, but what can you do to fix the iPhone 4 reception problem right now?

Well, the simplest solution is to invest in one of Apple's iPhone 4 Bumpers. These are rubberised cases that go around the edge of the iPhone 4 and will eliminate the problem of your skin shorting out the two sections of the antenna at the bottom left, which causes the reception problems.

iPhone bumper

It's a pricey solution, though, as they are £25 a pop, but they're well made and look great on your iPhone. If you're unconcerned by aesthetics you can get similar results by wrapping a rubber band around your phone, but that's no way to treat the gorgeous new iPhone 4.

2. Can't make FaceTime calls over 3G

FaceTime on the iPhone 4 enables you to easily make video calls, but it only works with other iPhone 4 users and only when you are connected to Wi-Fi*. There are currently two solutions to this problem - the first is to get a MiFi device. These little devices slip into your pocket and generate a Wi-Fi access point to the 3G network that moves around with you. We've tested FaceTime using a MiFi and it works, it's just a little bit more jittery than it is over a faster broadband connection.

The second solution is to use the Fring app instead of FaceTime. Fring provides iPhone 4 users unrestricted 2-way video calling over Wi-Fi or 3G, and best of all it also works with Android or Symbian devices running Fring.

*We expect FaceTime to have wider compatibility with other software once its standards package has been ratified as an open standard.


3. No free sat nav

One of the criticisms levied at the iPhone 4 by Android phone owners is that it doesn't have the free sat nav that you get on Android phones. However, times have changed - there's now a new free iPhone sat nav app you can download from the App Store called skobbler.


It's a free app, so its obviously not going to be as good as the £52.99 TomTom app, for example, but it does the job. It makes use of the OpenStreetMap mapping system, an open source project which lacks coverage in some rural areas, but is improving all the time. It's kind of like a Wikipedia for maps.

4. Your old SIM card won't fit

The iPhone 4 can be purchased in an unlocked state, but it uses a micro SIM card, which is smaller than older SIM cards, so you can't simply pop your existing SIM card in.

However, if you're feeling brave enough you can convert your SIM card into a micro SIM yourself. We've produced this handy guide to cutting down a SIM card into a micro SIM.

micro sim

5. Yellow spots on the screen

Some iPhone 4 owners have reported yellow spots, well, more like blotches, really, appearing on the iPhone 4's screen. This is actually caused (in rare cases) by the laminating process Apple uses to create the screen not having enough time to finish the evaporation process.

The solution isn't very exciting, but apparently it works - you simply need to wait for it to finish and the yellow spots should go away on their own. If you're still not satisfied then simply return your phone to Apple.


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