Telegraph to introduce paywall in September

Metered website coming to the UK paper

The Telegraph Media Group (TMG) is reportedly about to announce that its websites will be going behind a paywall in September.

Marketing Magazine is reporting that the publisher is going to announce the new paid-for process in Spring, with the paywall going up in autumn.

No such thing as a free launch

It seems that there won't be a total barrier for non-paying customers though. If Marketing's sources are to be believed, the paper is considering a 'metered' approach like that of the Financial Times, whereby users can see some free content before being prompted to subscribe.

This echoes Telegraph subscription rumours that were first published in the Financial Times itself last year.

Competing paper The Times, meanwhile, has a solid paywall with no chinks through which freeloaders can consume news and features – except when its paywall occasionally falls over and it's a content free-for-all.

No doubt TMG has been watching carefully to see how The Times' paywall experiments have fared.

The Telegraph isn't giving anything away, however. A spokesperson said, "Absolutely no decisions have been made on the introduction of a paid-content model. Like all publishers, TMG continually evaluates the developments in the digital sector."

Via The Next Web and Marketing


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